My First Post at Made 4 This Moment!


Hello everyone! Today I’m posting at the Made 4 This Moment blog, and my post is When Your Heart is Standing Water.  Before I give you a glimpse of the post, though, let me tell you about Made 4 This Moment!

In April of 2011, some friends and I started regularly conference calling to pray with each other.  It started out as monthly, and quickly moved to weekly.  You see, we had all gone to college together, and to be quite frank, we were all wondering why on earth our lives looked nothing like we thought they would a decade prior.  Detours had come into our lives in a number of forms; some of them very obvious (marriage, family), and some of them more subtle (I thought this was the way…but is it?). We began to pray together, encourage each other, and speak LIFE into each other’s lives.  It was so refreshing…so needed!

Out of that prayer time, a ministry was born.  It started as a worship workshop we led together at my home church here in GA (New Life Anointed Ministries, International), called Deeper Still.  And that was an incredible experience…but we were hungry for more.  That was two and a half years ago, and a lot of the journey in these last couple years has just been learning to be available.  Listening for direction as God guided us through our daily lives and also downloaded bits and pieces of His heart for this ministry.

One of these ladies with which I am ministering is my friend Monique, and the two of us have felt a very strong leading to encourage, challenge, and uplift those dealing with a very specific kind of “detour,” Special Needs parenting. At present, that is the main thrust of the blog over at M4TM, though we anticipate that the scope will be broadening quite a bit in the future, as well.  Our first two posts, however, are just a couple of lessons God has been working in our hearts recently.  I don’t say that to diminish them, they are pretty key for anyone who finds themselves on any sort of detour right now.  You need to know that you are where you are for a reason.  Things may look messy, and nothing like you thought they would, but there is a design in the detour, and that is what we really want to drive home to your hearts today.  We make all kinds of plans, and of course God has a long-range goal for each of our lives, but in trying to focus just on the end results, we miss so much, because we are Made 4 This Moment.

And now, here’s a sneak peek of my post over at M4TM today:

Lately, God has been speaking to me through my home appliances.  True story.

Now, before you make the call to have me committed, let me explain.  I do notmean that the appliances have been the ones doing the talking.  I do mean that before each and every breakdown (and there have been many, of late), I have had a dream.  Two incidents with the washing machine (one of which was really the well), a dream for each.  The dishwasher, the same.  But the dreams were not really “predictive,” instead, the machine was just one minor part of a total picture that was dealing with me, spiritually.

I am a recovering people-pleaser (aka performance orientation).  I have worked very hard to make sure I have it all together, because enough other people have “real” problems that I never believed I really had a right to mine, and one of my  key selling points was that I was not a trouble maker or a boat-rocker. In other words, I have always been really good at striving in the flesh.  I have never been very good on relying on God’s grace, and allowing the move of the Holy Spirit to be what fueled my efforts.  Always faith-full, in terms of my beliefs, but not very good at just letting go and letting God live through me.

Read the rest here: When Your Heart is Standing Water

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